Main facts

Mise à jour : Lundi, 22 juin, 2020 - 14:19

  • 21 confirmed cases in New Caledonia.

  • Since Friday 20 March 11:59 pm, The Government of New Caledonia has suspended international flights to New Caledonia. A repatriation Plan for New Caledonian residents stuck overseas has started.
  • All passengers are subjected to a fourteen-day quarantine at a hotel.
  • Some preventative measures have been relaxed:

    - Since the territory of Wallis and Futuna is free of COVID-19 cases, passengers from this destination are exempted from compulsory quarantine measures at their arrival in New Caledonia (a two week-quarantine period in a requisitioned hotel and an additional week of strict home isolation) ;

    - Aircalin flights from and to La Tontouta are authorized to operate at standard capacity, as set by the airline. 

Suspension of International Flights & Repatriation Flights

  • People scheduled to return on a repatriation flight are contacted at least 48 hours before their departure time.
  • The repatriation of residents operates according to several priority criteria
    - people with health problems (notably a medical history),
    - medical personnel,
    - People in serious financial difficulties,
    - families with children.
  • Family members and close friends are asked not to travel to La Tontouta International Airport, to welcome passengers, as contacts are not authorized. Shuttle buses will transport people to the hotels where their 14-day quarantine will take place.
New Caledonia cannot take a decision concerning international flights alone. Some countries have very strict repatriation rules. The flight schedule also depends upon the number hospital beds available and the quarantine accommodation capacities in the hotels requisitioned by the Government

Financial Aid

The Government has put in place dedicated financial aid aimed at covering part of the accommodation and living expenses of New Caledonian residents unable to return home following the suspension of international flights on Friday 20 March 11:59 pm. To apply for financial aid, fill the form below:

Health Checks

The repatriation Plan is subjected to strengthened health checks on the advice of the DASS, repatriated residents are subjected to controls at every stage of their journey:

  • People on the list of passengers to be repatriated to New Caledonia must complete a medical survey and must send information about their health (temperature, flu symptoms) to the DASS twice a day.
  • Before boarding, health information provided by passengers are checked by a doctor. Each passenger receives a kit containing enough masks and hydroalcoholic gel for the duration of the flight.
  • Upon arrival at La Tontouta:  Passengers are examined by a doctor and depending on the result of their examination are directed to the Médipôle for those who developed symptoms or to a hotel to start their 14-day quarantine. People placed under quarantine are rigorously monitored twice a day. Dedicated hotel rooms are disinfected often as are the airport terminal and the planes.  

14-day Quarantine in Hotels

  • About 600 hotel rooms have been requisitioned to accommodate New Caledonians.
  • This accommodation capacity plays a key role in welcoming New Caledonian residents who wish to return home.
People in quarantine at hotels now benefit from an entertainment program  which improves their living conditions during their stay  ( concerts organized  in the gardens and visible from their window,  buying and gifting of books from the Bernheim Library Fund, private Facebook pages dedicated to each hotel , a walk program in accordance with the guidelines established by the DASS, provision of entertainment kits for children, etc).

Identification of New Caledonian Residents Overseas

As a reminder, everyone who has a place to stay and whose situation is not a priority are invited to stay where they are, especially people currently in France. The Government invites them to contact la Maison de la Nouvelle-Calédonie to find appropriate arrangements as they await their return.

To make themselves known or for information New Caledonian residents  may ONLY IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY call the following numbers:
-if you are overseas, call +687 207 714 (8am - 6pm, 7 days a week) or fill the Identification Form below.  An answering machine will restate this information outside operating hours.
-if you are overseas, also contact the Embassy of France:
-  If you are in France, contact la Maison de la Nouvelle-Calédonie: 01 42 86 70 00.
- if you are in New Caledonia, call the free hotline 05 05 05 (8 am – 6pm, Monday to Friday) or fill the Identification Form.  An answering machine will restate this information outside of operating hours.
  • New Caledonian high school and university students who are currently in France or overseas and wish to return to New Caledonia are invited to make themselves known by filling-out the expression of interest form.
  • New Caledonian high school and university students who are currently in France are also invited to fill-out the survey initiated by the Ministry for Overseas Territories aimed at identifying students from French Overseas Territory who are currently travelling in and out of France.

Psychological Support

A Psychological Support Unit has been established to help New Caledonian residents and their families awaiting repatriation:

  • If you are overseas call +687 25 52 32 (9am – 9pm, 7 days a week),
  • If you are in New Caledonia call the hotline 05 01 11 (8am - 9pm, 7 days a week).

Information for Foreign Nationals  

  • Foreign nationals currently in New Caledonia and wish to return home are invited to visit Aircalin’s website  (CLICK HERE)  to find information on the scheduling of flights departing La Tontouta.

Ships Undertaking International Travels

Navigation from overseas is forbidden for:
- Passenger ships
- Fishing ships
- Special ships
- Pleasure boats
Cargo ships (container carriers, ore carriers, oil tankers…) are exempted from this ban.

  • This measure only targets ships coming from international waters into New Caledonia’s internal and territorial waters. The innocent passage into New Caledonia’s territorial waters is not prohibited.
  • Express exemptions may be granted jointly by the High-Commissioner of the French Republic in New Caledonia and the President of the Government of New Caledonia.
  • This measure does not target ships already present in New Caledonian waters which leave these waters before returning to it later, as long as they do not transit overseas and that their crew has no contact with people embarked on a ship coming from international waters.




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