Main facts

  • 134 people tests positive in New Caledonia since March, 18 2020, including 76 since March, 7 2021.

  • Regular international flights to and from New Caledonia have been suspended since 20 March 2020 and will remain so until at least 30 October 2021 (except for exemption).

General rules for the international transportation of passengers by air  

  • Only flights to and from France (and Sydney, mainly for health emergencies), remain scheduled.
  • On arrival in New Caledonia, a fourteen-day quarantine period in a requisitioned hotel, concluded by a test, remains compulsory.
  • The Government remains responsible for the logistical management and the financing of the quarantine period.
  • Tickets are sold by Air France, Aircalin, and the other usual sellers.
  • The ability to return to New Caledonia depends upon the availability of hotel rooms in requisitioned hotels.
  • French nationals located in the Pacific region may transit through New Caledonia on their way to France.

In this context, it is strongly advised to wait for the resumption of international flights to officially be announced to book tickets to New Caledonia on regular flights as sold by airlines.  



General Rules for International Maritime Transportation

  • Pleasure boats flying the French flag, with New Caledonian residents onboard, are authorized to enter New Caledonia’s internal and territorial waters, under certain conditions :
    - Report themselves to the Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC Nouméa),
    - Travel directly to Nouméa  (the only available point of entry for the entire territory) after entering New Caledonian waters.
    - All passengers and crew members must observe a strict fourteen-day quarantine period in the location indicated during the health control to be completed upon arrival.
  • Since 19 June, the specific protocol established by the Department for Health and Social Affairs for cabin crew members and medical professionals accompanying sanitary evacuations has been extended  to stand-by crew ship members. These professionals are not subjected to a quarantine period but must self-monitor very regularly and they must take a test every seven days.